Candidate Services

Relocation Services

At FCR we understand that relocating is a life changing event so it’s no surprise that it is a major hurdle in the recruitment process. The expense and stress of relocating can prevent you from taking the new position you want. To reduce the impediments associated with relocating, we have an experienced partner ( who offers the full suite of value-added relocation services described in the accompanying paragraphs.

Cost-of-Living Analysis/City Profile. We use current profiles of more that 700 U.S. and Canadian cities to determine the net effect that relocation will have on an employee's income. Profile information includes cost-of-living indices, housing and rental information, weather, population, taxes, crime rates, health care, elder care, day care, education information and much more.

Home Marketing. To help sell a new employee's home, our MRI corporate home marketing service accurately matches and selects top real estate agents to work with each employee. Agents develop a comprehensive market review, marketing plan and other professional information and support to sell homes quickly and efficiently.

Home Finding. This service matches the new employee's desired home and community characteristics with similar attributes in the new area. Elements include phone counseling, personalized area information kits, area orientation, VIP community tours, counseling and referral services for childcare, elder care and spousal employment.

Special Mortgage Services. Employees receive special VIP access to leading national lenders, a dedicated team of mortgage counselors, preferred rates, closing cost savings, liberal qualifying ratios, credit for accompanying spouse income, free pre-qualification letter and a quick loan decision.

Reduced Moving Costs. Through a special move-management program, you benefit from special savings and discounts negotiated with the country's leading van lines. These include more than a 50% reduction (from full tariff rates) on all interstate moves, free insurance/valuation, discounted storage services, waived peak season charges and special rates for cars.

Other Services. For more information on how FCR and their partners can help you, please contact us at 240-631-7730.